MARIA CHENUT                                                  download_cv                           updated november 2014

Born: 29 July 1976 Paris, France 

Dual citizenship: American and French.

 Languages: ·English maternal language

·French native fluency

·Spanish, fluency spoken and written (13 yrs. residence)

Education and workshops (selection):

  • 2002-2011·Workshops in Contemporary dance, clown, improv and acrobatics, stage lighting, shadow and large scale puppetry, ikebana, ceramics. Spain.
  • 2004· Dance and theater improv staging, with Ana Vallés (Matarile Teatro) Galán theater, Santiago.
  • 2002·Workshop  Cleaning the house with Marina Abramovic, CGAC (Galician Center for Contemporary Art),7 days/nights. (book published)
  • 1994-98·Bachelors Degree specializing in Fine Arts, Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, New York University (Year abroad at Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy)
  • 1993 Harvard Graduate School of Design, Summer Architecture Career Discovery Program, Cambridge, MA.
  • 1990-1994 Buckingham, Brown and Nichols School, Cambridge, MA.


  • Making and designing handmade packaging for Time Released Sound music label.
  • Developing an artistic clothing and accessories brand Cut and Paste.

 Collective and Solo Exhibits (selection):


  • Solo exhibit Objects in mirror are closer than they appear, Centro Cultural Deputación Ourense, Spain (catalogue).
  • Solo photography exhibit, Huellas, Espazo en Branco, Santiago de Compostela.
  • JäälPHOTO fair, booth Galeria Metro, Madrid.
  • Mesa de traballo, asemblaxe e colxe en Galicia, Fundación Laxeiro, Vigo.


  • Limite, Estudio 22, Logroño, Spain.
  • El surrealismo Hoy, Eugenio Granell Museum, Santiago, Spain.
  • A Arte de ser muller nun mundo por compartir 4.0, Pazo de San Marcos, Lugo.


  • Room Art Fair 2011, booth Metro Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
  •  El arte del recorte o apuntes para el contrato menguante de Groucho (1º parte),  El arte del recorte o apuntes para el contrato menguante de Groucho. (1ª parte) El arte del recorte o apuntes para el contrato menguante de Groucho. (1ª parte) El arte del recorte o apuntes para el contrato menguante de Groucho. (1ª parte)Galeria Pop-up, Orense, Spain.
  •  Litonor_Arte:Edición, Santiago University Church (catalogue).
  •  Andante, MACUF (Museum of Contemporary Art of Union Fenosa), A Coruña, Spain.
  •  De libros y de Artistas and Escultura: femenino, singular, ColeccionAn Espacio de Arte, A Coruña, Spain.


  •  Feuille de Route, Metro Gallery, Santiago, Spain.
  •  Installation with Rosendo Cid, Pierre Paulus Park, Guest artists as part of the Parcours D´Artistes de Saint-Gilles (artist´s Open House), Brussels, Belgium.


  • O Surrealismo como fenómeno colectivo, Granell Museum, Santiago, Spain.


  • photography projected during concert of Verde3 at the Colón theater of Bogotá, Colombia.
  • Gallery Espacio 48, Santiago, Spain.
  • Solo exhibit Primaveira en autono, Granell Museum, Santiago, Spain.


  •  Still Lives, dead and alive, Gallery Kyouei-gama, Tokoname, Japan.
  •  Imaxes divinas, Gallery Espacio 48, Santiago, Spain.


  • Solo exhibit, art space of the newspaper El Correo Gallego, Santiago, Spain.
  • Barthes y el amor, Gallery José Lorenzo, Santiago and tour through Spain and Italy.


  • Libro de artista (Artists books), Eugenio Granell Museum, Santiago, Spain.

Art Performance, and other Performing Arts Experience:

2014 ·Dancer/actress Skinetic Zone, Footloose Presents, Kunstoff San Francisco.

2009-13·Dancer and actress in Arrieir@s, O Fondo do mar e Castrexos, Os Quinquillans theater company, Galicia, Spain.

2012·Performance Tengo que reir tengo que llorar, Metro Gallery, Santiago, Spain.

2011·Photography of theater pieces Merlin, Os Quinquillans Theater company.

2006·Photography of theater pieces Illa Reunión y A Cabana de Baba Iaga for the Galician Drama Center, Spain.

2004·Performance No comment, Teatro de operacións, at the Galán Theater, Santiago, Spain.

2002·Performance Besos, CGAC (Galician Center for Contemporary Art, Santiago, Spain.

Costume design and confection, props:


  • Skinetic Zone, Footloose Presents, Kunstoff San Francisco.


  • Prelude to a Kiss, Custom Made Theater, San Francisco.


  •  Nuncabunga, Elefante Elegante Company.
  •  Bittersweet, short film (Audience Award 24hr Film Festival Boston, selected for L.A. Film festival)
  •  Dous de pombas, Company Fantoches Baj.
  •  Mans de Ouro, Babaluva teatro, Os quinquillans for Lúa Films.


  • Loosing Grip, Company Desastronauts.
  • Platica de mares, Teatro Miraquenven.
  • Merlin, Os Quinquillans Theater company.
  • Menciñeiros, Volta e Dalle Theater.
  • Contos con merenda, Trinketrinke Teatro.
  • Fábula Galenica, Fantoches Baj puppet theater.


  • Inflatable Giants for Os Quinquillans theater company.
  • Costumes for two parade giants, A Fonsagrada, Spain.
  • Ola, ola lá  for the children´s music group Mamá Cabra.
  • What do you see?, Theatrical, A Coruña, Spain.
  • O Asombro, Fantoches Baj theater company.
  • Theatrical version of the book A Nena e O Grilo by Maxin Blanco and illustrated by Iván Prieto.


  • Arrieir@s Os Quinquillans theater Company, Galicia, Spain.
  • Zampón o Lambón, Fantoches Baj theater company, Correlinguas 2009, Fig festival Portugal.
  • Music group Kibitka, Galicia, Spain.
  • IN, company Elefante Elegante, Galicia.


  • Forno, and, Granito, show celebrating the 100 anniversary of the birth of the painter Laxeiro, company Elefante Elegante, Fine Arts Museum of A Coruña, Spain.
  • O Pequeño circo dos milagres e Remedios pelegrinos, Galician Association of Cabaret and Contemporary Circus, Spain.
  • Nas Nubes, company Manicomicos, A Coruña, Spain.
  • Iliria, company Elefante Elegante, Galicia, Spain.


  • O Mago de Oz, O Fondo do mar, Os Quinquillans Theater, Galicia, Spain.
  • Pan, Catro propostas arredor da malla, company Volta e Dalle, Galicia, Spain.


  • short dance film Os corpos agricolas, agricultura    contemporánea by Antón Coucheiro, Galicia, Spain.
  • Blazek, company El Retrete de Dorian Gray, Spain.

 Collaborative projects and teaching (selection):

2013-2014·Artist collaborator of Colin Herrick, Time Released Sound (uber arty music label), Alameda, CA.

2012·Teacher English Onstage, Cardboard sets and props with adolescents, Summer camp at Rias Altas High School, A Coruña, Spain.

2011·Collaboration in Que Ves Cando Me Ves?  With the collaborative    photography project MullerExpress (ExpressWoman)

·Creative English Instructor for Aula de Ideas, summer camp at La Salle school, Santiago, Spain.

2010·Creative Sewing Instructor for children 7 to 12, CGAC (Galician Center for Contemporary Art).

2009·Collaboration with the COAG (official college of the Architects of Santiago), Spain.

2007-2009·Conception and coordination of Roteiro de Creación de Santiago (Artists Open House event).

2008·Conception and coordination guided tours to workshops of artists and   artisans for Tourism Office Santiago, Spain.

2006·Teacher 3 workshops of clothes customization, Foundation Eugenio Granell, Spain.

2003·Coordination 2-day Collective sculpture, IFI festival, Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra, Spain.

2001·Prodution assistant in La Cacatúa Verde, Galician Drama Center, Spain.

1997-98·Assistent of the artist Anita Thacher, New York City.

Works in Art collections:

· Foundation Eugenio Granell(museum dedicated to surrealism)

· Nova Galicia Banco (2 photographs and one sculpture).

· Foundation Diego Santomé (sculpture in collaboration with Pablo Orza), Bacelos gallery, and exhibit Indisciplinados MARCO Museum, Vigo.

· Collection Litonor Printers

·  Collection Andante


· Litonor_Arte:Edición, 2011.

· Latexos Artisticos da cidade, Tourism of Santiago de Compostela, 2008.

· Student Body, Marina Abramovic, Charta 2003.


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