skinetic zone

Skinetic Zone NOV 14 / 15 / 16 2014 at Kunstoff One Grove Street, San Francisco

Presented by Footloose / Theatecture / Central Market NOW
Walk/turn/walk/turn through real-time digital art, kinetic living sculptures, dance/theater and visual narratives inspired by graphic novels inhabit Skinetic Zone where performers and audience interact.
In this live action performance inspired by graphic novels, the characters from another dimension struggle for control of magical power. Dazzled by their own technology, the power hungry creators are ultimately forced to listen to other beings who speak on behalf of the colliding natural world.
 maria chenut_skinetic zone_Photo By Dave Jeffords 2014
creative team: Daniel Anderson, Natalia Carballo, Maria Chenut, Mary Alice Fry, Walter Funk, Cherie Hill, Chris Jones, Caroline Margaux, Karin Moriarty, Morgan True

maria_chenut_skinetic_dance maria_chenut_skinetic_dance maria_chenut_skinetic_dance

I feel these pieces as an extension of my work with small soft sculpture, but here in large scale and set to life, in shape shifting movement.







The costume design mixes natural elements and simple black and white graphics (except in the roly-polys) to leave the color work to be done by the lights and visuals.




maria chenut_skinetic zone_Photo By Dave Jeffords 2014 maria_chenut_skinetic_dance

Here are some process shots of the making of one of the costumes:

maria-chenut-skinetic-mask maria-chenut-skinetic-mask maria-chenut-skinetic-mask

The white fabric is made into panels. The mask repeats some of the same fabric from the medallion on the back but here acts as a “sideburn” over the hair strands that cover the mouth.

maria chenut_skinetic zone_Photo By Dave Jeffords 2014

Live photos by Dave Jeffords, process and rehearsal photos by Maria Chenut.

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