Prelude to a Kiss

Prelude_mariachenut_custom made theatertill june 16th 2013

Starring: Will Leschber, Charles Lewis III, Jan Carty Marsh, Allison Page, Elena Ruggiero, Dave Sikula, Nick Trengove, and Richard Wenzel .

Director- Stuart Bousel, Scenic Design – Andrew Cummings, Costumes and Props- Maria Chenut, Lighting design – Maxx Kurzunski, Sound Design – Cole Ferriaoulo, Fotos- Jay Yamata.


After a whirlwind courtship, Rita and Peter marry. Following their storybook wedding, an elderly man congratulates Rita with a kiss. But it is no ordinary kiss. By a quirky twist of fate, the kiss effects a soul switch and Rita finds herself living in the old man’s body, and the old man in hers. Craig Lucas’ charming, funny and poignant adult fairytale challenges our assumptions of beauty, the limits of love, and the meaning of commitment.

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