Huellas exhibit

Traces_fotography of walls_

Espazo en Branco_ Santiago de Compostela_march 2013_
maria chenut wall espazoenbranco texture

Each place, each city, each region, each culture, has its own colors and textures, and tells stories on its walls: the layers of colors, drips and gestures; the graffiti that has been covered over with any old paint, the moves that have left their scratches, the traces of the weather…

The haphazard quality of these gestures lacks the motivation of an artist, which is precisely what makes them so striking and spontaneous.

They are fragments, details of reality which usually go by unnoticed. The camera provides the frame, thus selecting the limits of our viewpoint so as to transform it.

They are scenes that expose us to other ways of seeing and dreaming ( as when we recognize shapes gazing at the clouds) evoking animals, landscapes, the earth seen from above, shapes and abstractions…

(This is an ongoing series started in 1997)

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